Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Where the fuck am I?

Perry Mason?
Peri-Peri Sauce?
Nope I'm in Perry Florida, It's known as the armpit of Florida! And boy does it smell like one!

We got here yesterday from Orlando, A weird 4 hour drive through what i can only describe as Redneck Country! Holy shit it was like being in some weird movie, i was expecting banjo music to follow us here and the best bit? We saw what can only be affectionately known as! A Crap Shack!
Holy shit it was amazing! It was like something from the past with the rickety fence and the broken cars in the lawn and no windows in the house and the family that look spookily like everyone else (inbreeding I'm a thinking)!

Well we get to Perry and it's real good old boy country, ugly people, fast food everywhere and a Jiffy Lube! But it's Hot! I mean real hot, It's hotter than an Alabama Whore House! (not that i have ever been in one)! And it's humid, real humid the humid where your boxers just stick to your ass and you need a crowbar to peel them off! (pics at a later date) This place has only two restaurants! A Mexican and an Italian which we have both tried and both are shit!

Tomorrow we head to Titusville which is near Orlando, so it's not to bad and only 4 days left of out American adventure!
But in the mean time please enjoy some pics! There were better crap shacks but i wasn't allowed to stop and take pictures of them!


Rosa said...

Please don't include any pictures to represent the humidity as you described... you will loose this avid reader!

gohir said...

Shut up Rosa! U know u want to see my undies!

Johnny Pervilicous said...

Can I come to titsville as well?

LK said...

oh gohir, maybe you should go away to america to work all the time. your blogs from this trip have been fabulous - miles better than the usual i hate holywood stuff!

keep it up gohir!

Rosa said...

Gohir... I feel neglected... you may be busy... but read my blog!
And you Watson! xx

robert salters said...

Rosa, a picture of Gohir peeling off his sweaty keks with a crowbar is exactly the kind of stuff i would want to see on this blog. you can say what you like about this image but for my money it beats the shit our of gohir's posted picture of a fucking silo with an american flag.
i have been reading your blog rosa and i see that you've moved to loyalist south belfast! good part of town that and the cartoon terrorist on the mural is comedy gold and a reason to laugh every day. that and the fact that there's very few fenians about the place.