Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Restaurant Music!

Following on from last nights musical mayhem at the Italian restaurant I thought about all the restaurants i've been too around the world and the one thing they all have in common is, is that none of them play decent background music!

Niche restaurants that serve "ethnic" foods i believe and this is only my opinion should have music from the country that the food is from! Indian restaurants=Indian music, Italian=Italian music, Ethiopian=Ethiopian music and so on and so on! Not bloody movie soundtracks or disco tunes, I want to hear Ethiopian boys chanting or Malaysian bears mating music not bloody Celine Dion and that bloody Titanic song! and no more fucking pan pipes!

Monday, 21 January 2008

On the road again!

Well I'm back on the road again!
Although this time I'm not traveling the world I'm staying closer to home and traveling across Ireland, green and pleasant land full of ugly birds and fat men! Now I'm not disrespecting Ireland it's just that "God" there is some ugly people around!

But enough of that little rant, I'm in Wicklow town tonight, it's not a bad little place a bit boring but I'm sure it has it's charms, I just don't have time to really see it. I did go to a little Italian place called Casapepe which wasn't a bad place apart from the tunes they played, I listened to the "Locomotion" by Kyle then "It's raining men" and then i realised all the songs they have played were gay anthems!! I was in a gay Italian restaurant!

The food was alright but the tunes were a bit to gay for a Monday night!

Friday, 18 January 2008

Lovely beard

I'm a big fan of the Japanese and their crazy ways and i'm also a big fan of facial hair as i'm not able to grow mine that well so i was very happy when i saw this great invention!

Realistic facial hair that looks cool!

I think we will also witness an increase in the number of fellas sporting some form of facial fashion. A working life of close shaven conformity perhaps prodding them to, for want of a better expression, let their hair down a little.

However, while hairstyles may vary from the sensible to the silly, when it comes to a dash of colour, nothing but a manga-inspired mane will do — all the way from grey to somewhat gaudy gold.

I would order a nice handlebar mustache but the site is in Japanese!

Introducing the C-String!!

Just when you think they can't really do anything else to underwear, they invent something like this. The C-String I'm not sure what holds it up, and I'm not sure how comfortable they are, but if you hate panty lines or tan lines, then this is for you ladies out there who have been longing to conquer them.

It does look like a shoe horn though!

Thursday, 17 January 2008


Is there a point to this?

Even I wonder?

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Simon's Birthday Brunch with Dog

Hey Dudes,

Had a nice relaxing weekend, it was Simon's Birthday on Monday! so we surprised him with a surprise brunch at Ruby Tuesdays on Sunday morning which i have to say the food was just adequate! (very inadequate fry! Gary you must investigate!)

So anyway i spent ages figuring what to get Simon as he is a hard to buy for and then i remembered his love of dogs but because he lives in an apartment he could never get one! So i done the next best thing and bought him a lovely blue plastic doggy!

Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Well the New Year has arrived and i have a new job, well a new contract for a different programme, one that involves no more travel around the world!! Boohoo! not good! no more jaunts around the world!

But anyway 2008 should be a good year, so i say roll it on.