Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Simon's Birthday Brunch with Dog

Hey Dudes,

Had a nice relaxing weekend, it was Simon's Birthday on Monday! so we surprised him with a surprise brunch at Ruby Tuesdays on Sunday morning which i have to say the food was just adequate! (very inadequate fry! Gary you must investigate!)

So anyway i spent ages figuring what to get Simon as he is a hard to buy for and then i remembered his love of dogs but because he lives in an apartment he could never get one! So i done the next best thing and bought him a lovely blue plastic doggy!


Laura said...

LOVE IT! What is the blue dog with no eyes, nose, mouth, ears, heart, brain, personality, ability to walk, desire to chase cats, ward off burglars or urges to eat postmen called?

Gohir said...

No name yet, i'm leaving it up to Simon to call it something!

Someone did suggest calling it the G-Dawg!

Barry George said...

No, no one suggested calling it G-Dawg. Call it Spartacus!

Jill Dando said...

You can't call it Spartacus - my dog's called Spartacus!

Jill Dandos Dog said...

I'm Spartacus!

Spartacus said...

No! I'm Spartacus.

Fearless Fearon said...

Decimus Maximus Meridius, classic name

Laura said...

has Gary investigated the fry situation yet?

Det Insp Gary Watson said...

Dur Na-Na Nur-Nur Inspector Fry-up...Yes Laura, i have investigated the "inadequate fry" and the a condensed version of the report is as follows:

G=NB (s) x BS
--------- = D

G - Gohir
NB - No Bacon
s - Sausage
BS - Bullshit
E - Expectations
D - Disappointment

I think that pretty much explains things. To read the full 437 page report please log on to www.garyinvestigates.com/breakfast/rubys/gohir