Friday, 29 June 2007

Tiki steeky!

Easy Dudes!

Well the past two days have been busy busy! We have had a real good filming session and it's all worked out ok.

Last night we went to downtown Orlando which is so not what you expect! It's really nice and sort of bohemian with it's paved roads and really nice little houses and townhouses, there are some really nice restaurants and coffee shops and some fantastic bookstores down there, we found a really nice sushi restaurant down town which was so nice as I'm really getting into the different types of sushi although I'm still working up to the fugu! It's a real far cry from the rest of Orlando which is so fake!

Tonight we went to a Tiki bar which I'm not sure what it is, but i think it means it has to look a bit surfy and have lanterns and bar tenders in Hawaiian shirts serving you! Food was not the best but we had a good night with the crew some who are leaving us tomorrow.

One more day left of filming and then a few days in Orlando! Disney here i come!

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Space the final frontier!

Dude! I'm in Titusville near Orlando for the last leg of filming!

Drove all the way back today from Redneck country to our nice hotel, we had an afternoon to kill and we are so close to Kennedy Space Centre we decided to pay it a wee visit!

Dude it rocks! loads of cool space stuff, like a piece of moon rock that you can touch, replicas of space rockets and the best thing ever! Freeze dried ice-cream! oh yeah!

I also saw 4 alligators swimming around the area and a couple of snapping turtles!
Now we have to work tomorrow! Bleurgh!

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Where the fuck am I?

Perry Mason?
Peri-Peri Sauce?
Nope I'm in Perry Florida, It's known as the armpit of Florida! And boy does it smell like one!

We got here yesterday from Orlando, A weird 4 hour drive through what i can only describe as Redneck Country! Holy shit it was like being in some weird movie, i was expecting banjo music to follow us here and the best bit? We saw what can only be affectionately known as! A Crap Shack!
Holy shit it was amazing! It was like something from the past with the rickety fence and the broken cars in the lawn and no windows in the house and the family that look spookily like everyone else (inbreeding I'm a thinking)!

Well we get to Perry and it's real good old boy country, ugly people, fast food everywhere and a Jiffy Lube! But it's Hot! I mean real hot, It's hotter than an Alabama Whore House! (not that i have ever been in one)! And it's humid, real humid the humid where your boxers just stick to your ass and you need a crowbar to peel them off! (pics at a later date) This place has only two restaurants! A Mexican and an Italian which we have both tried and both are shit!

Tomorrow we head to Titusville which is near Orlando, so it's not to bad and only 4 days left of out American adventure!
But in the mean time please enjoy some pics! There were better crap shacks but i wasn't allowed to stop and take pictures of them!

Sunday, 24 June 2007


Ta da da daa dah Epcot!

Yes we had our real first R&R day today and we went to Walt Disney World! Well part of it anyway! We decided to go to Epcot cause it was a Saturday so it would be less busy and it's a bit more adult (not in the dirty way!)

We had a brilliant time! Arrived early to optomise time, got our game plan together and got everything done, We done all the rides and then went round the different countries at Epcot had some good food, got into the Disney spirit and to cap it they had a fireworks display at the end of the night! Belter day!

I really enjoyed myself and anyone that tells you that Disney World is for kids is a nob! All round good quality wholesome entertainment!

Friday, 22 June 2007

Orlando or bust!

Hello from Orlando!

Yes we have ended up in Orlando, home of Mickey Mouse, Shamu the killer whale and the 4 foot long hoagie!
We were not supposed to be here yet but one of the stories we were supposed to be filming in Norfolk Virginia fell through so we got a few R&R days in Orlando, not that we have had any rest!, we have been working for the next shoot for the start of next week!

Our hotel is not to bad, I'm on the 15th floor and we get free food from the executive lounge! Although we had great sushi last night with the whole crew, i wanted the fugu cause I'm a daredevil but they didn't have it!

So hopefully we'll get to one of the theme parks this week! My vote goes to Epcot!

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Oh Canada, Oh Canada!

Well this is my last day in Canada,

Tomorrow we move on to the States and to new stories and new hotels, although i must say the Hilton we are staying in today is really shit! I always thought Hiltons were supposed to be good, but not this one near Montreal airport! it sucks cock!

Oh did i mention we are Montreal? Well we are!! Only 2 weeks left on the road!

I must give a special mention to Katie back at the office and possibly the Hoff if she did anything! (only kiddin, she looks after grassy head, my pet!) They saved the day and sorted shit out when the shit hit the fan! Although i lost my first class airline ticket, BooHoo! Poor Gohir!

So see you in America!

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Some where in Canada!

Bonjour! Ou est la Banque?

Yes we are in french speaking Canada! Quebec to be exact! It's a real cool city everyone speaks french which is really weird as it looks so american!

We met a stripper last night who showed us her boobs! no pic available!

Our Hotel is brilliant, my room is massive, it has a terrace over looking the city so i can sit out side at night sipping champagne and smoke a big old cuban!
Oh yeah there is a shop here that sells christmas crap all year round!

So far we have all our bags and filming is going good, maybe later today i'll wonder around town and get a better look!

Friday, 15 June 2007

Kingston Man!

Yep I'm still in Kingston! and it is a nice city!

Our filming went really well and i think it will be a great piece in our series! But holy shit did we have to get up really early! 5am! 5am! i've never seen 5am unless I'm coming in at that time! But did have a breakfast that consisted of doughnuts and coffee or in my case Red Bull! A real american breakfast!

I have now just come in after a lovely italian meal al fresco and some frozen yoghurt after a nice walk along the harbour!

And on that amazing link, here are pics of the harbour!

Thursday, 14 June 2007

I don't even know what day it is!

Hey folks, We are now in Canada!!!!!!!

We flew up to Toronto today and have 8 bags missing! Then we got into our cars and drove 4 hours to Kingston which is a real college town, there are loads of fit birds out there and I'm itching to get out on the town but have a real early start in the morning and have to go to bed! Bleurgh!

My room is in the Raddisson and is lovely! I have a view of the harbour outside my window and there are some lovely yachts out there! and also they had a fireworks show on! I think for my arrival!

Tomorrow we have a long day but should be good.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Letter from America day I don't know!

"Have a good day y'all"

We had our first day of filming today and it went very well! A few slow starts and a wonky start to the filming but otherwise a success! The guys at the range we were at were great and full of beans|!

We saw a bit of Minneapolis last night, and to be honest not that impressed! Maybe it was the area we were going through, but a bit shoddy.
Went to a Walmart as well to get a few supplies and found it to be frikkin cheap but found it strange that a supermarket that sells everything including food does not sell any fruit or veg! We looked around the whole area but could not find any! Oh and America is full of big people!

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Letter from America

Howdy Folks!!

Well I'm blogging from America!!! Woohoo! Arrived today! 3 weeks of filming craziness!
Flew into New York today and then onto Minneapolis (Minnesota) we have only lost one bag out of the 35 so far which aint to bad!

We got lost on the way to the hotel from the airport but managed to salvage the route after we drove 20 miles the wrong way!
Our Hotel is really nice my room is great i have a suite with a jacuzzi in it!!! it's brill! Tomorrow i go shopping for supplies and then Monday we start filming!

Here is a pic of our hotel from my room, i'm on the 8th floor!

Friday, 8 June 2007

America here i come!

I'm away too America tomorrow for 3 weeks with work, I willl try and blog from the US.

So screw you guys i'm going away!

Sunday, 3 June 2007

My new Bag!

Well this my new Bag for my Laptop!

It is exquisite!


C'est un magnifique!

I would have taken a pic of the actual bag but my photography skills do it no justice!

Saturday night and i like the way you make me feel!

Why hello you crazy folk out there in cyber world! Cyber world! what a strange word! what does it mean? Cyber? Cy-ber rolls of the tongue!

Anyway enough weirdness, on Saturday i got my haircut and met Simon for lunch where we discussed plans for the night, we decided to go to his friend Karen's house party and then later to Rosa's birthday bash, We started of at Karen's which was not a bad gig, we had food and a quiz which we came second in (we were cheated), altogether a very sophisticated party not much happened to write home about, then about 2pm i made my way to Rosa's house to wish her a happy Birthday (she is 22 and likes puppies) She had already been out o the Potthouse and now a few folk were back to her house singing and wearing crazy hats which i like!

Here is the better pic of Rosa in the other one i took she looks gaunt and is lactating!