Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Letter from America day I don't know!

"Have a good day y'all"

We had our first day of filming today and it went very well! A few slow starts and a wonky start to the filming but otherwise a success! The guys at the range we were at were great and full of beans|!

We saw a bit of Minneapolis last night, and to be honest not that impressed! Maybe it was the area we were going through, but a bit shoddy.
Went to a Walmart as well to get a few supplies and found it to be frikkin cheap but found it strange that a supermarket that sells everything including food does not sell any fruit or veg! We looked around the whole area but could not find any! Oh and America is full of big people!


Anonymous said...

Gohir how do i give u an update of the Nyoykki plant?

Love Clare

Crazy about the fruit / veg man!!!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you bring us back some Jiffy Lube Gohir, you know how we'd all love it back here ha :)
Hope all's Dope, Kt

Your uncle sammy said...

glad to here you dodged Guantanamo. Mini Apples is a cool town, you must find the right places though. If you have time go to the Mall of America, it is as you may expect by the grandoise name the biggest in the country - you'll love it, it's full of yankee spides.
America full of big people??? sound like you're on some kind of reverse Gulliver's Travels trip.

keep on truckin'.

Anonymous said...

'jiffylube' - because you never know...

Rosa said...

I want some Jiffy Lube!