Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Oh Canada, Oh Canada!

Well this is my last day in Canada,

Tomorrow we move on to the States and to new stories and new hotels, although i must say the Hilton we are staying in today is really shit! I always thought Hiltons were supposed to be good, but not this one near Montreal airport! it sucks cock!

Oh did i mention we are Montreal? Well we are!! Only 2 weeks left on the road!

I must give a special mention to Katie back at the office and possibly the Hoff if she did anything! (only kiddin, she looks after grassy head, my pet!) They saved the day and sorted shit out when the shit hit the fan! Although i lost my first class airline ticket, BooHoo! Poor Gohir!

So see you in America!


Si Si SuperSi said...

How is grassy head doing? I haven't seen him since he left my care.

Joni Mitchell said...

Oh-oh-oh Can-a-da-ahhhh!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gohir,
Thanks for the recognition dude, don't worry i love being in the office till 12.30am!! aahhhh
By the way grassy head is doing fab and has a quiff / kiss curl! will send you a pic today x Katie Koo

Anonymous said...

Hey G!

Good site, big up respect for picking up the CD's, looking forward to blasting The Hip! Guess I owe ya some money.

Peace out

PS Get back to work!