Sunday, 3 June 2007

My new Bag!

Well this my new Bag for my Laptop!

It is exquisite!


C'est un magnifique!

I would have taken a pic of the actual bag but my photography skills do it no justice!


raymie mckay said...

you should take your own picture of the bag, i can't have any faith in this looks like it's been air-brushed tae fuck. let me see the bag as it really is, perhaps modelled by your good self.

Laura said...

does it have a puch for a mobile phone, some pens, a pack of chewing gum and 20 fags? does it have space for a small makeup bag (maybe just concealer and lip gloss), a bottle of water and maybe even an ipod?

cos if not i don't want to know about it let alone see gohir manzoor modelling it.

gohir said...

It so has all of that! it is superb, but decided not to take it with me to america incase it gets battered!

Laura said...

you're worse than a name dropper - oh not taking it when i go to america....oh aye on ye go.

gohir said...

I might take it to russia though!!!

Ha Ha ! screw you and ur weekend away!!!