Friday, 29 June 2007

Tiki steeky!

Easy Dudes!

Well the past two days have been busy busy! We have had a real good filming session and it's all worked out ok.

Last night we went to downtown Orlando which is so not what you expect! It's really nice and sort of bohemian with it's paved roads and really nice little houses and townhouses, there are some really nice restaurants and coffee shops and some fantastic bookstores down there, we found a really nice sushi restaurant down town which was so nice as I'm really getting into the different types of sushi although I'm still working up to the fugu! It's a real far cry from the rest of Orlando which is so fake!

Tonight we went to a Tiki bar which I'm not sure what it is, but i think it means it has to look a bit surfy and have lanterns and bar tenders in Hawaiian shirts serving you! Food was not the best but we had a good night with the crew some who are leaving us tomorrow.

One more day left of filming and then a few days in Orlando! Disney here i come!


Rosco P Coltrane said...

sounds good, all this sushi sounds a bit fancy - you've come a long way from a Friday Beano. also nice picture of the shark, reminded me of the Cannonball Run or Smokey and the Bandit, there's one of those films where a giant plastic shark gets hauled around america on the back of someones car. i don't know why this happens and were it fits into the films narrative, i think it's supposed to be a bit crazzee and zany. it's shite actually, so thanks for dredging up that awful memory Gohir, cheers mate.

Rosa said...

Oh yeah good point Rosco...
Gohir, do make sure you get your cheesey chips and beans... oh the good old days... take me away from all this comedy!
Hope all's well xxx