Sunday, 17 June 2007

Some where in Canada!

Bonjour! Ou est la Banque?

Yes we are in french speaking Canada! Quebec to be exact! It's a real cool city everyone speaks french which is really weird as it looks so american!

We met a stripper last night who showed us her boobs! no pic available!

Our Hotel is brilliant, my room is massive, it has a terrace over looking the city so i can sit out side at night sipping champagne and smoke a big old cuban!
Oh yeah there is a shop here that sells christmas crap all year round!

So far we have all our bags and filming is going good, maybe later today i'll wonder around town and get a better look!


Si said...

The tales of your travels are quite literally making me vomit as I stare out the window of Stockman House!

jethro mcstravock said...

dontcha just lurve Gohir's nonchalant description of getting a butchers at this strippers baps. it's all passed off so casually as if there he was out for a jolly old stroll round beautiful Quebec and she appeared to him and thrust her bossom in his smiley wee face. folks, i think we all know that if you specifically go into titty bars yer gonna see some titties, eh?
Gohir your supposed to be working mate, now no one minds a bit of down-time and you should be free to do what you want to do, but remember that you are an ambassador for your company and indeed your nation. this is just're a dirty wee man and you didn't even get a photo for the lads back home, shame on you.

Laura said...

is jethro right gohir manzoor - did you go to hooters or some similar establishment?? dirty boy....and i though canada was supposed to be so clean too.

like the pics tho - is your bedroom on the ground floor?

Anonymous said...

Hope you like the hotel, thought it looked sweet!! By the way yur grassy egg head has grown a full head of grass! Will send you a pic xx Katie xx

Rosa said...

So jealous dude... work hard, play hard!
Don't look at too many pairs of boobies with the boys... you'll all go blind!

Rosa said...

P.S. Le banque est oppose le picine!