Sunday, 10 June 2007

Letter from America

Howdy Folks!!

Well I'm blogging from America!!! Woohoo! Arrived today! 3 weeks of filming craziness!
Flew into New York today and then onto Minneapolis (Minnesota) we have only lost one bag out of the 35 so far which aint to bad!

We got lost on the way to the hotel from the airport but managed to salvage the route after we drove 20 miles the wrong way!
Our Hotel is really nice my room is great i have a suite with a jacuzzi in it!!! it's brill! Tomorrow i go shopping for supplies and then Monday we start filming!

Here is a pic of our hotel from my room, i'm on the 8th floor!


Si said...

I'm jealous! Have a good trip ye bas.

Rosa said...

Have a great trip Gohir, look after the boys. x

Anonymous said...

Woo, hoo you are there and only missing one bag which will make my MOnday morning a bit less stressful! We'll miss you in the office!!!... remember to bring me a pressie back.
Katie xx