Friday, 22 June 2007

Orlando or bust!

Hello from Orlando!

Yes we have ended up in Orlando, home of Mickey Mouse, Shamu the killer whale and the 4 foot long hoagie!
We were not supposed to be here yet but one of the stories we were supposed to be filming in Norfolk Virginia fell through so we got a few R&R days in Orlando, not that we have had any rest!, we have been working for the next shoot for the start of next week!

Our hotel is not to bad, I'm on the 15th floor and we get free food from the executive lounge! Although we had great sushi last night with the whole crew, i wanted the fugu cause I'm a daredevil but they didn't have it!

So hopefully we'll get to one of the theme parks this week! My vote goes to Epcot!


Hip Hop Hooray said...

Did you buy some hip hop gear?

hip hop hurray said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
hip hop hip to the hipperty said...

Show us your move G-Dog!

LAURA said...

how much do i want to see the comment that was removed by blog admin? how offensive was it???

if you see mickey mouse give him a big hug from me, but of you see that daffy duck kick him in the bollocks - can't stand that pesky duck!

Anonymous said...

Nice car Gohir!! Reall ssmmooootttthhh, just like you. If you see Daffy duck slap him and say that a cross Katie still hasn't forgotten the day when Daffy through her and her twin brothers plastic swords over a railing in Disney World, NO JOKE. Henry and I have never forgiven him ;0

gary What'son? said...

COMMENT DELETED!! this is the most exciting thing that's happened on this blog in ages...jesus, i wonder what caused it. was it a 'yer ma' type sleggin'? was is a racist shilpa-gate kinda deal? has someone worked out how to post pornography on the comments page?
if someone has in fact worked out how to do this can you please email me at, thanks.