Sunday, 3 June 2007

Saturday night and i like the way you make me feel!

Why hello you crazy folk out there in cyber world! Cyber world! what a strange word! what does it mean? Cyber? Cy-ber rolls of the tongue!

Anyway enough weirdness, on Saturday i got my haircut and met Simon for lunch where we discussed plans for the night, we decided to go to his friend Karen's house party and then later to Rosa's birthday bash, We started of at Karen's which was not a bad gig, we had food and a quiz which we came second in (we were cheated), altogether a very sophisticated party not much happened to write home about, then about 2pm i made my way to Rosa's house to wish her a happy Birthday (she is 22 and likes puppies) She had already been out o the Potthouse and now a few folk were back to her house singing and wearing crazy hats which i like!

Here is the better pic of Rosa in the other one i took she looks gaunt and is lactating!


Rosa said...

Nice legs!

Gohir said...

Only cause it's your birthday!