Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Mustache Revolution!

For many months now i have been hoping for the Mustache to make a come back, I think it was always a valuable member of the hair family. A chap looked pretty dapper with an upper lip warmer.

Now i have a tried to grow a proper mustache but i can never style it! I want a handle bar one or one that twirls at the end! So I'm now going to recommend that we all buy these!

Start a mustache wearing revolution with a self-adhesive stache for every day of the week.

Update: Ok for some reason the link goes to a different site, but take it from me they are a good buy if you can find them anywhere!

Monday, 23 July 2007

5.0 rained on my parade!

Well it all kicked off tonight when i was drivin down to me local 24 hour Tesco to get me a quart of milk and a tin of Rubicon Guava!

I was blazin down the road in the G-Mobile when the local 5.0 pulled me over and started hasslin me about my broken headlight and i was like yeah! and what's it to you Fascist?! and then he dissed me and told me that i was gonna get a ticket! So i was like wha? I said no way copper i only had that light replaced two weeks ago!

So he took my license into the pig mobile and checked it out on his tappity tap and came back and he knew i was gonna bitch slap him so he let me off but breathalised me instead!

It was negative and i was like ya see copper! Nah go do your job!

(It really happened like that apart from the attitude! I was like yes sir no sir!)

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Autobots! Roll out!

Dudes i have just been to see Transformers!
We managed to get freebie premier tickets to see it!

Holy shit! It was brilliant, fantastic, it's a live-action Michael Bay spectacular, and arrives considerably augmented by an array of rather impressive, computer-generated special effects.

The first hour of the movie is heavier on comedy than action, following the hero as he's befuddled to learn of his Camaro's (an american car, he should have been a beetle like the original) metamorphic abilities. He tries to keep it all a secret from his parents (Kevin Dunn, Julie White), who suspect his strange behavior is hormonal. The plot hinges on Sam finding a magical cube called the Allspark. The protective aliens, known as Autobots, are trying to keep the cube away from the evil Decepticons, who plan to use the powers of the interplanetary object for global domination. Thus, the stage is set for car chases, street fights and air attacks pitting machine against machine, with ground support from the humans.

Although the film can't quite eclipse the glorious Saturday morning cartoon silliness of the 1986 animated "Transformers" movie, it more than stands its ground.

Man i totally loved this movie, so recommend it!

A bit slow

Bloody hell it been a long time since i blogged!
Sorry folks!

Well i have had an eventful time since i last spoke, I have seen the new Harry Potter movie which was really good, I'm a huge fan of the Potter and this film delivered, really slick and portrayed the books well.

Also my good friend Laura had her Birthday last weekend, it was a fabulous bash where everyone had to dress up as a celebrity, the personality not the character! I had a bit of a dilemma to what i should go as, in the end i threw on a suit and went as "Krishnan Guru Murphy" from channel 4 news! I was the belle of the ball!
There were a few Pete docherty's, a couple of Lilly Allens, a Peter and Jordon and others i cant remember, really good party and I'm glad Laura had it although she now has a dickey leg after she popped her knee cap in a dance off! Oh and she was terribly tipsy!

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Hostel II

Went to the cinema tonight with me old mucker Simon, We watched Hostel II which i can honestley say was rubbish compared to the first one, There was no gore, no suspence or thriller it was very tame compared to the original movie!

It’s not that I don’t recommend this movie to fans of the original. I’m just lamenting the fact that the film isn’t nearly what it could have been.

Save yourself some money and don't go or else buy yourself a nice ice-cream!

Friday, 6 July 2007

The Rain in Spain!

What the fuck is up with the weather?
I left the country and it was sunny, i'm in America and it was glorious sunshine and lollipops (well not really lollipops) and i come back to this shitty weather!

Not Happy!

Is it a sign God?

Thursday, 5 July 2007

It's the Law!

Back home!

Well dudes, i'm back in town!

Came back on Tuesday and am still jet lagged!

Everything back home feels smal, My bedroom feels small, probably cause i'm used to hotel rooms, The G-Mobile feels small after driving the huge American 4x4's and i also forgot that my car is automatic and stalled at the lights! But thank fuck i'm back to normal portions of food cause i would end up a huge blimp and all my good work at the gym would be for nothing.

So i'm now back home and i leave you with some of my memories of the US of A!

Monday, 2 July 2007

Goodbye America

BooHoo! It's the last night of my working trip to America and Canada!
We finished work on Friday and it went well, we had our highs and lows of filming but we got it finished in the end and on a good positive note.

The crew has left us and moved on to where they live for a week of well deserved rest, me and the other guys have come back to Orlando for a bit of a break and the fact it was the closest airport that could fly us home.

Today we decided to go to Disney's MGM Studio's which was really good, it taught us how to make Tv the real way and also had some brilliant rides like the "Rock and Roller" which played Aerosmith while went on a roller coaster and the Hollywood Hotel which has a haunted lift which drops floors and then shoots up again, totally cool! We were havin a beezer day until the heavens opened up and it rained on and on and on! and it was not a light drizzle! real heavy rain the kind that totally soaks you through! We then moved on to Planet Hollywood were we had an adequate meal for dinner and now i've spent the last hour packing my shit together!

Tomorrow we ship out back to the UK and work! Bleurgh!

The new iPhone

This is the new iPhone, it is so cool!

I got to have a wee play with it in the Apple store in Orlando, made a few calls on it and scrolled through the features! it is so cool and really easy to use if you know how Apple computers work.

I now want one|! But not available till the winter! Crap!