Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Mustache Revolution!

For many months now i have been hoping for the Mustache to make a come back, I think it was always a valuable member of the hair family. A chap looked pretty dapper with an upper lip warmer.

Now i have a tried to grow a proper mustache but i can never style it! I want a handle bar one or one that twirls at the end! So I'm now going to recommend that we all buy these!

Start a mustache wearing revolution with a self-adhesive stache for every day of the week.

Update: Ok for some reason the link goes to a different site, but take it from me they are a good buy if you can find them anywhere!


Stephanie Moncade said...

i have for a long time harboured suspicions that you my friend were embarking upon, shall we say a walk on the spide side. think about it, the baseball cap, the gluebags and now i'm hearing about muzzies....what on earth has happened you?

Rosa said...

I think you should wear recycled tyre furnature on your top lip.

Rosa said...

Ou est le blogging?