Monday, 2 July 2007

Goodbye America

BooHoo! It's the last night of my working trip to America and Canada!
We finished work on Friday and it went well, we had our highs and lows of filming but we got it finished in the end and on a good positive note.

The crew has left us and moved on to where they live for a week of well deserved rest, me and the other guys have come back to Orlando for a bit of a break and the fact it was the closest airport that could fly us home.

Today we decided to go to Disney's MGM Studio's which was really good, it taught us how to make Tv the real way and also had some brilliant rides like the "Rock and Roller" which played Aerosmith while went on a roller coaster and the Hollywood Hotel which has a haunted lift which drops floors and then shoots up again, totally cool! We were havin a beezer day until the heavens opened up and it rained on and on and on! and it was not a light drizzle! real heavy rain the kind that totally soaks you through! We then moved on to Planet Hollywood were we had an adequate meal for dinner and now i've spent the last hour packing my shit together!

Tomorrow we ship out back to the UK and work! Bleurgh!


Ahmed Adudu said...

i am pleased that you had an "adequate" meal Gohir. do i sense a slight resentment with the standard of grub at Planet Hollywood? What happened, did you not enjoy your Arnie Burger with Sly Fries?

Rosa said...

Oh Gohir, so you miss the 4 July in the USA... I'll be there!! x

patricia mcsporran said...

Good luck Rosa and godspeed. 4th of July in New York? Jihadi terrorist threats? Defcon 1? as i said, good luck rosa, and i mean that. i'll pray for your safe return.