Thursday, 19 July 2007

Autobots! Roll out!

Dudes i have just been to see Transformers!
We managed to get freebie premier tickets to see it!

Holy shit! It was brilliant, fantastic, it's a live-action Michael Bay spectacular, and arrives considerably augmented by an array of rather impressive, computer-generated special effects.

The first hour of the movie is heavier on comedy than action, following the hero as he's befuddled to learn of his Camaro's (an american car, he should have been a beetle like the original) metamorphic abilities. He tries to keep it all a secret from his parents (Kevin Dunn, Julie White), who suspect his strange behavior is hormonal. The plot hinges on Sam finding a magical cube called the Allspark. The protective aliens, known as Autobots, are trying to keep the cube away from the evil Decepticons, who plan to use the powers of the interplanetary object for global domination. Thus, the stage is set for car chases, street fights and air attacks pitting machine against machine, with ground support from the humans.

Although the film can't quite eclipse the glorious Saturday morning cartoon silliness of the 1986 animated "Transformers" movie, it more than stands its ground.

Man i totally loved this movie, so recommend it!


Aubrey Savage said...

sounds good Gohir. sorry that's a fib, it sounds awful. i would love to share your enthusiasm but i have no desire to see this...although the poster reminds me of the HG Geiger's sinister Alien look and that's a good start but i can't bring myself to walk into a cinema and buy a ticket for Transformer - I've just turned 30 have to accept your station in life sometimes.

gary watson said...


Simon, your website's comments option doesn't work, can't submit anything. This is a problem for me as i wanted to stick the boot in about some nonsense you wrote concerning the fine folk-pop ditty Pearly Spencer. You're lucky it was just a written response you were gonna get, you haggis-eating tartan fool.

Si said...


I have fixed this error. I look forward to your witticisms! Or something....

Rosa said...

I'm a Transformer...
From human to CV-22 Osprey!
Yeah, you know it!

Laura said...

sooooo jealous of you Gohir. transformers robots in disguise!

Mary Whitehouse said...

ok, here's a list of my favourite single word insults:

WAB - straight from the playground of the early 90's this but i think it still holds up. (NB this works best when pre-fixed with fucking, eg "I'm gonna slice your face off you fucking wab". Effective.

FUCKWIT - a classic this, possibly originating from Viz magazine. This has it all, two harsh syllabals, comedic impact as well as pointedly agressive.(NB don't prefix with fucking, if you call someone a "fucking fuckwit" it negates the impact as it makes you seem like a compulsive swearing pleb. Learn the value of the single fuck. It's a basic less-is-more deal, innit.

COCKSMOKER - another comedy number this. Not to be used in an agressive stand-off situation, this will definately not help you create any illusion of you being a bit of a hardman. This is largely because this word is mostly used by students/potheads who we all know are soft as shite. Especially funny if used loudly in the office environment. (NB do not use around uppity homosexuals).

BALLBAG - as Northern Irish as sectarian violence. absolutely magic stuff. It's pretty much usable in any situation with the added bonus that it will provide much mirth to english people who haven't came across such ingenious pottymouthing.

DIDDY - a bit softcore this, but way more funny than calling someone a tit.

Gohir said...

Thank you Mary for that wonderful insight!