Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Water gets better!

Usually I feel very superior to most people when I drink "Voss" It is the coolest hippest water around! It laughs in the face of your BallyGowan and Highland Spring water!

And it's just got better!

The Voss H2O +02 bottle brings together two human essentials - water and oxygen.

Designed by Jonathan Pearson, the Voss H2O +02 concept bottle comes with a built-in aerosol canister that dispenses fresh oxygen while drinking water simultaneously.

Voss H2O +02 provides fresh air for those living in polluted city areas and the aerosol can cool the bottle so it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

How awesome is this, now all I need to know is where can i buy this to laud it over you common folk!

Chili's is closing

I cant believe Chili's in the Victoria Square is closing!!

I loved that place! Boo to the credit crunch!