Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Lunch with Laura

Had a really nice lunch with my lovely friend Laura, we went to the Yard in Holywood, we talked gossip and current news and about breasts! i had some sort of tomato and basil soup with other stuff in it and some pink lemonade!

Verdict: A delightfully fruity lunch!

Christines B'day Do!


Last night we all went to Fat Buddha Restaurant for Christines B'day, It was a really nice chilled night out! The food was actually quite tasty, i had some sort of spicy fish which they promised me would have no skin and the head and tail would be cut off before serving it, Nope! it came in pieces but served on the bloody tail! That just puts you off fish when it comes with it's tail! But other than that it was nice and tasty.
We got Christine a set of speakers for her Ipod and the obligatory pineapple! It was a really good time, we just sat and chilled and talked which we haven't done in a long time.

Oh and i figured out how to take sort of black and white photos with my camera!

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

The Death of the Spicy Beanburger!

I am now mourning the demise of Burger Kings Spicy Beanburger!

About a month a go i especially got up out of my bed on a saturday to go down to the Local Burger king to get me a Beanburger the only real decent burger they have, so got up, got ready, went down, got in the queue, asked the fuckwit behind the counter for my burger and she says "we don't do that anymore" (put on a chav irish accent) so i said only this branch or all (cause i really did want one!) she replied "we don't do that anymore"! so fuck! i didn't know if it was my local branch or all Burger Kings that stopped them!

Anyway it went out of my mind cause i then went home and had a waffle sandwich (very tasty) until last week when i had another craving for the BeanBurger, so off a went to another Burgerking, "Beanburger please" bastard behind the counter "sorry sir they have been recalled" what the fuck? are the like dangerous? will they explode when you put them in the microwave?!!!! AAARRGGGHHH! fuck i was annoyed!

It was the only good Burger at Burger kIng! and those fuckers have stopped doing them! I am so annoyed i rang the customer services where i have been told they have stopped them! Now she did say they might bring it back or replace it! But in the meantime the World of vegetarian burgers is a sadder place!

I don't have a picture of it, but it was beautiful.

Update: I do now have a picture courtesy of Connaire

What's on this week.

Hello, and how are you all?

Well i have done squat all so far this week! I am going to my friends Christines B'day dinner tonight at Fat Buddha in Belfast, now I'm not a big fan of the chinese food, but i have been promised it is good so i will give a review tomorrow.

Also should be going to watch the Belfast Giants ice hockey on thursday night with Glo and anyone else, then it's off to London for the weekend, so basically it's gonna be a busy week ahead!

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Some substance! or is it?

Some of my lovely fans (all 12 of you) have been expressing their disappointment of my lack of blogging and lack lustre posts and fair enough you guys have a point. If you have a blog you either put it up there because you want people to read about yourself and what you get up too, and you should update it regularly, it's your duty! Or your a raving ego maniac and want people to love you! (which one am i?) and just have a blog cause you want your name on the net!

Now, i would love to post great topics everyday talking about Existentialism and the Meaning of life (some may say it is the same) but to be honest i haven't got it in me! I love to talk shit, I love my blog and i like finding gadgets to talk about and putting up what i did last night, and who is a fit looking bird! but some times i did squat the night before or I'm to busy at work (whole different story) to look for cool stuff on the net, or else i might find something which i like and you guys might not, i can't please everyone!

So I am proposing to ask if anyone who wants to be a Guest Blogger on my site to send me in whatever they want to blog about and i will print it on this site!

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Monday, 22 January 2007

Not in the mood!

Sorry folks, I'm not in the mood to post anything today of any substance!

Although i did go out Friday night to the leaving party of my friend Paul Finlay who is leaving these shores for pastures new across the water in blighty!
Good luck Paul!

And i did go out sat night but stayed in Sunday night!

I leave u with a pictures of some melting ice! we're all doomed!

Friday, 19 January 2007


Saw this really nice story on the old BBC website today, it's about Badgers being moved to a new home cause they are fuckin a road up! Now i like badgers cause they seem to be an animal that does not give a fuck about anyone! they are vicious animals that would bite your nose off if you stuck it in their house! Sweet!

I've only ever seen a badger once and that was driving down the motorway and on the hard shoulder this badger is walking up it all casual and not giving a toss! I thought that's a bad ass badger with an attitude!

The badger in the picture does look cute though!

Thursday, 18 January 2007

It's balakkin cold today!

Well i do apologise for not updating the old blog lately, i've just not had anything to say and I'm busy at work!

But today i have to mention that it is frikkin freezing out there! my hands are so cold even though the heating is on! I'm beside the worst fitted window in the world! there is a bastard of a draught coming in! we've tried to block it up with books and bags and other draught excluding paraphernalia but no joy!

So i have put pictures of more weather symbols to cheer you up! (well they make me smile!)

They are winter ones by the way!


I've been wanting to buy a house for a while now and i think i have found the perfect one!

These Mushroom Houses are brilliant! They look great and you can pretend you are a leprechaun!

All houses will have a large family room/kitchen combined and a bathroom on the lowest floor (80 sq. mtr). The next floor (100 sq. mtr.) will have three bedrooms, a large hall which could also be used as a sitting area, balconies and a further large bathroom. The top floor will be given over to a study/hobby room and a verandah.

Monday, 15 January 2007

Simon's Birthday

Hello and welcome to another installment of the Gohir Blog!

On Sunday my good friend Simon celebrated his 142nd Birthday! Hooray! Well done old bean!

We started the festivities on Saturday at Café Vaudeville then proceeded to Whites Tavern then on to the home Of Mr John Boy where we had a cracking good time with strobe lighting and music! Really brilliant night and Simon decided to throw anyone he could on the floor and sofa! we retaliated by having a big Pile On on top of him in the corridor outside of John's bedroom!

Also on Sat night met an old friend called Kieran (AKA Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink) he was on good form and with his lovely Girlfriend Ann.

On Sunday we all went and had brunch at am:pm and then coffee at Starbucks, a very nice casual Sunday!

Friday, 12 January 2007


I just really dig these cool simplistic symbols!

Sums everything up.

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Tv is the best!

Well it's a sad chapter in Tv now that the OC is being taken off the air by fuckwit american channel folk! The OC was one of my fave programs! I loved the whole Seth and Ryan thing, the hotties in the show! Fair enough Marrisa dying in the last series meant it was gonna go downhill but still, there was life left in the bird! I'm very very disappointed!

On a positive note, The new series of Desperate Housewives, Shameless and other cool programs are back on air! Can't wait till My Name is Earl comes back on!

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

New Super Duper iPhone

I want one!

I'm usually very brand loyal, i wear only Puma trainers, I drive German cars (mostly Volkswagen cause i aint got no money) and i love Nokia phones! they are so easy to use and are usually in the fore-front of technology! but i want the new iPhone from Apple, it looks brilliant, has an iPod, proper web, and phone!

Users will be able to download music and videos with the phone and apple have patented keyboard technology "multi-touch".
"It works like magic... It's far more accurate than any touch display ever shipped. It ignores unintended touches. It's super-smart."

It will come in two versions - one with 4GB of storage space, the other with 8GB.
The only downside is the price, it will cost about $499 (£257) to $599, will be launched in the US in June and Europe later this year.

Now i was planning to upgrade my phone but i might put it off now for a year! watch this space!

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Frikkin awesome!

When traveling on an extended journey sometimes you need more than the comfort of your laptop or iPod or in my case a TV.
So check out these travel trunks made by Pinel&Pinel you can take your office, home cinema, music library or just about anything else you can think of along with you. Brilliant! I want one!

This is the best thing in the world! now i need a little short dude to carry it for me while i'm on my world tour!

Designer Water

If i was a rich man, i would only drink Voss!

It looks blooody nice and doesn't taste to bad, a bit like water!

More pics

This is me and John boy at the fancy dress party! I'm not in costume as i arrived really late! John is dressed as multi-sorbent man!

This is Leah and Glo at the botanical tropical greenhouse, thats them beside the bit of foliage!

Pics of the festive kind!

Hello Blog readers!

Here is a pic of when we went out during xmas, everyone is in the festive mood and later on in the night everyone one was in drunken mood! (apart from me and my cousin!)

Pictures courtesy of Leah, and i don't know why the one of me and glo is smaller and stuck in the corner over there --->
Simon says we look like we're at a formal!

Friday, 5 January 2007

Busy Busy!

It's the New Year and it's already started to get busy in work! Scripts to be fact checked, shoots to be set up and new stories to be found!..... Boring! I want to do something else! I want to be working on more adventures projects, i want to be working in a different country where the sun is shining and the weather is hot! i want so much more!!!!!..... although as a kid i wanted to be a bin man. good hours, good money and you get to see what folk are throwing away!

Maybe i need to take a break, get away, see the world, visit the penguins!

P.s Still can't sleep properly!

Thursday, 4 January 2007

I still can't get no sleep!

Lying in bed every night
Darkness engulfs my every thought.

Heavy thoughts, I really am so tired, I'm turning into an insomniac.

I need to sleep.

Maybe it should be the insomniac way of life!

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

I can't get no sleep!

Deep in the bosom of the gentle night
Is when I search for the light
Pick up my pen and start to write
I struggle, fight dark forces
In the clear moon light
Without fear... insomnia
I can't get no sleep

3am is when i got to sleep last night! 2.30am is the loneliest time in the world.

I just lay in the darkness willing myself to sleep, it would not come, nothing on tv, nothing to read, Horrible.

I need sleep.

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

New Year's Resolution

I resolve to sort my shit out!

I'm gonna join the gym

I'm gonna sort out my new business venture.

I'm gonna be more tolerant to fuckwits!

Festive cheer is over!

Yes the anti-climax that was Christmas and New Year is over!
I think i went out every night apart from xmas day and xmas eve! i need a break! Had a really great time, met the Hoff impersonator!

I have loads of photos but still have not got round to taking them off my camera (sorry)

Special mention goes to Glo! she bought me my only xmas present!

I'm now in work and depressed!

Photo from Simon