Tuesday, 30 January 2007

The Death of the Spicy Beanburger!

I am now mourning the demise of Burger Kings Spicy Beanburger!

About a month a go i especially got up out of my bed on a saturday to go down to the Local Burger king to get me a Beanburger the only real decent burger they have, so got up, got ready, went down, got in the queue, asked the fuckwit behind the counter for my burger and she says "we don't do that anymore" (put on a chav irish accent) so i said only this branch or all (cause i really did want one!) she replied "we don't do that anymore"! so fuck! i didn't know if it was my local branch or all Burger Kings that stopped them!

Anyway it went out of my mind cause i then went home and had a waffle sandwich (very tasty) until last week when i had another craving for the BeanBurger, so off a went to another Burgerking, "Beanburger please" bastard behind the counter "sorry sir they have been recalled" what the fuck? are the like dangerous? will they explode when you put them in the microwave?!!!! AAARRGGGHHH! fuck i was annoyed!

It was the only good Burger at Burger kIng! and those fuckers have stopped doing them! I am so annoyed i rang the customer services where i have been told they have stopped them! Now she did say they might bring it back or replace it! But in the meantime the World of vegetarian burgers is a sadder place!

I don't have a picture of it, but it was beautiful.

Update: I do now have a picture courtesy of Connaire


Anonymous said...

a touching and heart-wrenching story about one mans quest for a vegetarian burger. what would've been cooler was if you had pulled out a big fuck-off pump-action and thrust it in the 'chav's' (your words not mine you elitist fuck) spotty boatrace and insisted you get your burger or she gets dead. kinda like michael douglas in the movie 'falling down', y'know when he went totally mongoose-schizoid on account of a consumer struggle not dissimilar to your own gohir. Except this was in Antrim.

Gohir said...

Thank you Gary, i think this scenario really would be a cheap mans "Fallen down" shot on a camcorder and then edited in some spotty herbert's bedroom!

I'm not elitist i just know she was a spide and the kebab i had last night had more brains and personality than she did.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD THIS IS THE WORST NEWS I HAVE RECEIVED IN A LONG TIME!!! Gohir you hsve only in the last few months introduced me to the joys of a spicy bean burger, our lunch time bean burger extravaganzas are no more.

Love the Hoff