Thursday, 18 January 2007

It's balakkin cold today!

Well i do apologise for not updating the old blog lately, i've just not had anything to say and I'm busy at work!

But today i have to mention that it is frikkin freezing out there! my hands are so cold even though the heating is on! I'm beside the worst fitted window in the world! there is a bastard of a draught coming in! we've tried to block it up with books and bags and other draught excluding paraphernalia but no joy!

So i have put pictures of more weather symbols to cheer you up! (well they make me smile!)

They are winter ones by the way!


Anonymous said...

to be honest, if you're reduced to discussing the weather on a blog you have severely underestimated your audience. perhaps a pithy remark on the ironies of the supposed global warming issue would have saved your ass, but you've blown it - i'll not be back.

Gohir said...

right! i'll do better! we'll be discussing the works of plato then!