Thursday, 18 January 2007


I've been wanting to buy a house for a while now and i think i have found the perfect one!

These Mushroom Houses are brilliant! They look great and you can pretend you are a leprechaun!

All houses will have a large family room/kitchen combined and a bathroom on the lowest floor (80 sq. mtr). The next floor (100 sq. mtr.) will have three bedrooms, a large hall which could also be used as a sitting area, balconies and a further large bathroom. The top floor will be given over to a study/hobby room and a verandah.


Laura said...

checked out the website - best bit is they're based on the houses that the smurfs lived in!

i would love to live in a smurfs house :-)

Anonymous said...

only an idiot would post the same thing twice.

Anonymous said...

or an acid fried hippy goblin.

Gohir said...

You are an ass aren't you? Lol