Monday, 15 January 2007

Simon's Birthday

Hello and welcome to another installment of the Gohir Blog!

On Sunday my good friend Simon celebrated his 142nd Birthday! Hooray! Well done old bean!

We started the festivities on Saturday at Café Vaudeville then proceeded to Whites Tavern then on to the home Of Mr John Boy where we had a cracking good time with strobe lighting and music! Really brilliant night and Simon decided to throw anyone he could on the floor and sofa! we retaliated by having a big Pile On on top of him in the corridor outside of John's bedroom!

Also on Sat night met an old friend called Kieran (AKA Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink) he was on good form and with his lovely Girlfriend Ann.

On Sunday we all went and had brunch at am:pm and then coffee at Starbucks, a very nice casual Sunday!


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Simon said...

Wow I must really thank you for posting those horrendous pictures of me!