Wednesday, 3 January 2007

I can't get no sleep!

Deep in the bosom of the gentle night
Is when I search for the light
Pick up my pen and start to write
I struggle, fight dark forces
In the clear moon light
Without fear... insomnia
I can't get no sleep

3am is when i got to sleep last night! 2.30am is the loneliest time in the world.

I just lay in the darkness willing myself to sleep, it would not come, nothing on tv, nothing to read, Horrible.

I need sleep.


Gary Watson said...

you shoulda had a wank mate, always sorts me out....zzzzz

Gohir said...

Thanks Gary,

Si Si Supersi said...

If you wrote that poem yourself you should consider a change of career! Not that I know anything about poetry.

And how come people leave comments on your site? Grrrr.

Gohir said...

Because Gary loves me!

Laura said...

G - I'm feeling your pain. Haven't slept either in about 3 nights - it's the post Christmas demons, and they love to visit at 3 in the morning! Happy New Year by the you don't keep any of your resolutions, but especially the fuckwits one!

Gohir said...

Happy Kwaanzaa Laura!

I still can't sleep, my head is up my arse! but i will resolve to sort my shit out!

Tronic said...

Ever heard of plagarism g?