Friday, 19 January 2007


Saw this really nice story on the old BBC website today, it's about Badgers being moved to a new home cause they are fuckin a road up! Now i like badgers cause they seem to be an animal that does not give a fuck about anyone! they are vicious animals that would bite your nose off if you stuck it in their house! Sweet!

I've only ever seen a badger once and that was driving down the motorway and on the hard shoulder this badger is walking up it all casual and not giving a toss! I thought that's a bad ass badger with an attitude!

The badger in the picture does look cute though!


Anonymous said...

...and of course badgers are both black and white providing a handy segue into the burning issue of the day (fucking week!), namely racism and how it's seeped into, oh my gawd, the Big Brother house. There is also a humourous and cruel pun involving badgers and Jade Goody, but I shall side-step this in the interests of a mature debate on this social evil.
Also Gohir, a follow-up to the 'Badgers!' post could be an innuendo packed post entitled 'Beavers!' in which you tell us how much you love dem cute furry beavers....

Gohir said...

Thanks Gary for this delightful insight, i think you should be a guest blogger on my site!

It will bring a bit of wit and wittism to this sorrid self indulged affair of mine.