Thursday, 25 January 2007

Some substance! or is it?

Some of my lovely fans (all 12 of you) have been expressing their disappointment of my lack of blogging and lack lustre posts and fair enough you guys have a point. If you have a blog you either put it up there because you want people to read about yourself and what you get up too, and you should update it regularly, it's your duty! Or your a raving ego maniac and want people to love you! (which one am i?) and just have a blog cause you want your name on the net!

Now, i would love to post great topics everyday talking about Existentialism and the Meaning of life (some may say it is the same) but to be honest i haven't got it in me! I love to talk shit, I love my blog and i like finding gadgets to talk about and putting up what i did last night, and who is a fit looking bird! but some times i did squat the night before or I'm to busy at work (whole different story) to look for cool stuff on the net, or else i might find something which i like and you guys might not, i can't please everyone!

So I am proposing to ask if anyone who wants to be a Guest Blogger on my site to send me in whatever they want to blog about and i will print it on this site!


Anonymous said...

Right. Firstly guest blogging ain't gonna work for me personally, if I had the desire I would have my own blog and write about stuff that was filling my head on that day. The reasons for this are myriad and complex but include lethargy, fear of failure, fear of ridicule from my peers and the fact that I'm a reactionary person who prefers guerilla attacks on your blog Gohir rather than doing anything of integrity or consequence on my own (i post anonymously fer fuck's sake!).
I saulte your blogging efforts and stand by that always. However, and here's the rub, I reserve the right to rip the piss/put you down/laugh at your posts for the very reason you are blogging - you are publishing your thoughts and feelings on a public blog to get your personal message/gripes across and I can bat these right back at you through your 'right to reply' section. I shall continue to exercise this right.
In summary then - I AM WATCHING YOU.

Gohir said...

Fair enough Mr Anonymous, you reserve that right.
I look forward to the rub!

Anonymous said...

Gohir is a colour printer!