Monday, 22 January 2007

Not in the mood!

Sorry folks, I'm not in the mood to post anything today of any substance!

Although i did go out Friday night to the leaving party of my friend Paul Finlay who is leaving these shores for pastures new across the water in blighty!
Good luck Paul!

And i did go out sat night but stayed in Sunday night!

I leave u with a pictures of some melting ice! we're all doomed!


Anonymous said...

well that's charming innit? sorry pal 'i'm not in the mood' don't wash with me, i take valuable time out of my working day to log on to Gohir's Life of Impeccable Whimsy or whatever the fuck this blog is called and i get this shite. so you went out on friday for Mr Finlay, also went out on saturday (where to you don't tell us) and stayed in on sunday. really enlightening, well done sir. ok, i'll have a go....
on friday i stayed in, a friend came round we played tiger woods golf on the playstation, got stoned and played 'pitch n toss' in my kitchen.
on saturday i stayed in, watched 3 hours of documentaries about the 1960's on UK History alone with my flatulance, drank cheap red wine and went to bed.
on sunday i cooked a curry (desi murgh) watched the new series of 24 and went to bed. oh and i played teletext quiz game bamboozle on channel 4 (score: 7/12).
Now that is a damning indictment of my life, it's not big, clever, entertaining or unusual but crucially it's STILL more interesting reading than yours...shape up or ship out sailor.

Gohir said...

Fuck sake Gary! i was just bored and had no will to write anything!
I'll write something with substance tomorrow u bastard!