Thursday, 19 July 2007

A bit slow

Bloody hell it been a long time since i blogged!
Sorry folks!

Well i have had an eventful time since i last spoke, I have seen the new Harry Potter movie which was really good, I'm a huge fan of the Potter and this film delivered, really slick and portrayed the books well.

Also my good friend Laura had her Birthday last weekend, it was a fabulous bash where everyone had to dress up as a celebrity, the personality not the character! I had a bit of a dilemma to what i should go as, in the end i threw on a suit and went as "Krishnan Guru Murphy" from channel 4 news! I was the belle of the ball!
There were a few Pete docherty's, a couple of Lilly Allens, a Peter and Jordon and others i cant remember, really good party and I'm glad Laura had it although she now has a dickey leg after she popped her knee cap in a dance off! Oh and she was terribly tipsy!


ana matronic said...

was it kristian guru murphy or raj persaud?

Gohir said...