Monday, 23 July 2007

5.0 rained on my parade!

Well it all kicked off tonight when i was drivin down to me local 24 hour Tesco to get me a quart of milk and a tin of Rubicon Guava!

I was blazin down the road in the G-Mobile when the local 5.0 pulled me over and started hasslin me about my broken headlight and i was like yeah! and what's it to you Fascist?! and then he dissed me and told me that i was gonna get a ticket! So i was like wha? I said no way copper i only had that light replaced two weeks ago!

So he took my license into the pig mobile and checked it out on his tappity tap and came back and he knew i was gonna bitch slap him so he let me off but breathalised me instead!

It was negative and i was like ya see copper! Nah go do your job!

(It really happened like that apart from the attitude! I was like yes sir no sir!)


Alex Vorn said...

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Laura said...

You make me laugh. No, seriously.

nuala o'loan said...

ya gotta take these pigs down muthafucka. pull a glock 9 and smoke that be-itch, yeah boyyeee. or do you? maybe this 'fascist' was just doing his job. maybe stopping you driving with faulty car thingys will SAVE lives! I get as frustrated as the next man about police interference but cut them some slack, i sure he was polite and disciplined. give the psni a chance, i know that they have lost a lot of integrity since they started recruited inferior roman catholic officers but i'm sure they can turn it around. support your local constabulary!

Rosa said...

I heard that if you get breatalised, you should suck on a copper, and it will always come out negative. I suggest a 2 pence piece.