Friday, 15 June 2007

Kingston Man!

Yep I'm still in Kingston! and it is a nice city!

Our filming went really well and i think it will be a great piece in our series! But holy shit did we have to get up really early! 5am! 5am! i've never seen 5am unless I'm coming in at that time! But did have a breakfast that consisted of doughnuts and coffee or in my case Red Bull! A real american breakfast!

I have now just come in after a lovely italian meal al fresco and some frozen yoghurt after a nice walk along the harbour!

And on that amazing link, here are pics of the harbour!


Laura said...

I am loving the "Gohir in America" blogs, but you really do need to step up the photo inserts.

Where are all the big American fatties, cars, yachts, guns, plates of food, hotel foyers, bars and hotties????

Loving your work though! Keep it up blog boy!

Captain Punctuation said...

Did you see anyone from UB40? They are my favourite band.