Thursday, 14 June 2007

I don't even know what day it is!

Hey folks, We are now in Canada!!!!!!!

We flew up to Toronto today and have 8 bags missing! Then we got into our cars and drove 4 hours to Kingston which is a real college town, there are loads of fit birds out there and I'm itching to get out on the town but have a real early start in the morning and have to go to bed! Bleurgh!

My room is in the Raddisson and is lovely! I have a view of the harbour outside my window and there are some lovely yachts out there! and also they had a fireworks show on! I think for my arrival!

Tomorrow we have a long day but should be good.


arthur shats said...

i'm disappointed verging on fucking raging...i'm reading "college birds..lovely yachts" and i'm seeing a photograph of the back of a bus - what the fuck is wrong with you mate, eh? even at the best of times the back of bus is about as interesting as, er well the front of a fucking bus...leave buses out of it and give me some touring blog fodder that doesn't rust my brain.
other than that i hope your having a good time, you loonbag.

Simon said...

1. It's Thursday
2. Have you had a McGriddle yet
3. Can you bring back a fit bird for me please.