Sunday, 24 June 2007


Ta da da daa dah Epcot!

Yes we had our real first R&R day today and we went to Walt Disney World! Well part of it anyway! We decided to go to Epcot cause it was a Saturday so it would be less busy and it's a bit more adult (not in the dirty way!)

We had a brilliant time! Arrived early to optomise time, got our game plan together and got everything done, We done all the rides and then went round the different countries at Epcot had some good food, got into the Disney spirit and to cap it they had a fireworks display at the end of the night! Belter day!

I really enjoyed myself and anyone that tells you that Disney World is for kids is a nob! All round good quality wholesome entertainment!


Anonymous said...

So Gohir, I see you met Daffy duck, did you tell him off from me? Wish I was there with you guys, looks like fun!
Speak to you soon. K :)

Laura said...

is that woody woodpecker? is that you, donald duck and woody woodpecker together? oh my god gohir you have the best job ever! i love woody woodpecker - did he do his laugh at you?

i am soooooooooooo jealous.

Rosa said...

You mean 'knob' with a 'k'... ha ha!!

Rodrigo said...

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Pascal Farnsworth said...

aye gohir, we've been through this shit months ago, if you are refering to someone as a cock then you want to use the word KNOB, with a K.

NOB on the other hand means half a biscuit.