Monday, 21 January 2008

On the road again!

Well I'm back on the road again!
Although this time I'm not traveling the world I'm staying closer to home and traveling across Ireland, green and pleasant land full of ugly birds and fat men! Now I'm not disrespecting Ireland it's just that "God" there is some ugly people around!

But enough of that little rant, I'm in Wicklow town tonight, it's not a bad little place a bit boring but I'm sure it has it's charms, I just don't have time to really see it. I did go to a little Italian place called Casapepe which wasn't a bad place apart from the tunes they played, I listened to the "Locomotion" by Kyle then "It's raining men" and then i realised all the songs they have played were gay anthems!! I was in a gay Italian restaurant!

The food was alright but the tunes were a bit to gay for a Monday night!


Fearon said...

Ya gotta tell me when you get to our Mr. T impersonating, "man".

Gohir said...

Will do Rubber Ducky!

Anonymous said...

Dear me, Fat men and Ugly birds hey?

People in glass houses and all that my dear.

Gohir said...

Shut your mouth or you'll get put through a glass house!