Friday, 18 January 2008

Introducing the C-String!!

Just when you think they can't really do anything else to underwear, they invent something like this. The C-String I'm not sure what holds it up, and I'm not sure how comfortable they are, but if you hate panty lines or tan lines, then this is for you ladies out there who have been longing to conquer them.

It does look like a shoe horn though!

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Ivan McErlane said...

Girls, I'm really sorry but if any of you would even consider wearing such an atrocity then I will track you down, kill you, dismember your body, place the pieces in bin-liners and then bury it in Gohir's back-yard. Then phone the rozzers with an anonyomous tip-off...but that's just me and I'm easily amused and a little unhinged. BUT having said that, you'd deserve it
because these people are taking the piss out of your quest for beauty. I find the following quote from the web-site particularly revolting, "Say goodbye to panty line and uncomfortable straps". Uncomfortable straps?? absolute horseshit! Do you really believe that that C-string monstrosity is going to fit comfy and snug between your legs. And how does it stay on? Is it some kinda velcro-public interface? Or do you shove the thin bit up your arse? either way these people are Taking The Piss.

That aside, it is great to see some quality fanny on this blog, well done Gohir - more of this sort of thing. Your blog is getting more and more risque, my money is on seeing some nipples before we hit March. Fingers crossed.