Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Restaurant Music!

Following on from last nights musical mayhem at the Italian restaurant I thought about all the restaurants i've been too around the world and the one thing they all have in common is, is that none of them play decent background music!

Niche restaurants that serve "ethnic" foods i believe and this is only my opinion should have music from the country that the food is from! Indian restaurants=Indian music, Italian=Italian music, Ethiopian=Ethiopian music and so on and so on! Not bloody movie soundtracks or disco tunes, I want to hear Ethiopian boys chanting or Malaysian bears mating music not bloody Celine Dion and that bloody Titanic song! and no more fucking pan pipes!


Laura said...

In the Rosspark Hotel in Kells they play a panpipe CD into the restaurant and one of the tracks is Take That's Back for Good. I think it's lovely.

Gohir said...

Your gonna get beaten Laura!!!

Pan pipes and take that!!!

Mr Muyagi said...

Here mate, you'd be surprised at the similarity between Celion Dion's voice and Malaysian bears mating. Trust me, I used to date a Malaysian bear called Lola, a real goer an' all but it was just too much knoworramean?
Laura - if you chose to hang out at the Rosspark then pan-pipes are the least of your worries.

Bruce Dickinson said...

The problem with most music in restaurants these days is that there's nowhere near enough cowbell.