Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Why Hello, I hope you all had a tip top Easter and all that jazz! Not too many Easter eggs eaten i hope!

So anyway i had a decent enough Easter, i went to a wedding in Armagh which was pretty good, Food was good and the entertainment was not to bad and i got a chance to meet old mates i haven't seen in ages!,

I also went out on the sat night and had a spidetastic evening trawling the lesser well known hot spots of Belfast like the Elephant room and the weird Euro bar under Robinsons! Which i got to admit i did like, the euro pop and the strange mix of people that were there did make that place!

I also went to the Gym which will someday make me fit! and i did some other stuff that i can't remember much of!


Laura said...

Gohir, who did you go with? Was it some wee boy racer spides and spidettes that you hooked up with in Antrim's KFC car park? Or were you just trying to be retro and ironic with your Sat night choice of venue? Or maybe there was a girl involved? Have you a new girlfriend Gohir that made you go to somewhere you once told me you wouldn't be seen dead in unless they were giving out Burberry hats and it was nineteen ninety...hold up it is!!!??

You sooooo did say that. You were probably so full of pink lemonade you don't remember though

gohir said...

It was a fun night out alright!

Steeky McChuck said...

'REGARDING OVERLOOKED DETAILS IN BLOG' or 'Play To The Crowd Gohir' or 'Less Style More Substance' or 'Was it Sausage Rolls or Vol-au-vents fer fuck's sake?'

Glad you had a nice weekend Gohir. Mine was terrible but we're not here to talk about me, we're here to dissect your blog and suggest, nay demand some improvements. There are so many startling over-sights it's hard to know were to begin, but let me try:

1) Easter egg gags. My aunt would crack a gag about not eating too many eggs, you shouldn't. At best it's obvious and at worst lazy. If you're stuck for a decent intro at Easter make some Jesus gag, honestly it'll bring the house down.

2) Weddings are blogging fucking gold ma amigo, you haven't got the best out of this. For the future remember this, we all want to know if there was pretty girls there, specifically if the bridesmaids were hot. any chicks reading this may wish to know if the guys were well turned out to (slight concession there Gohir, it's became apparent to me that some of my posts could be considered sexist and hey remember Rocky IV, Laura fuckin' will anyway, Rocky says "IF I CAN CHANGE YOU CAN CHANGE, WE ALL CAN CHANGE", well I've taken that on board.)
what about the music? did you rock the boat, rock the boat baby? timewarp anyone? I don't want to hear about the entertainment being "not too bad" I want warts n all goddamit.
food - sausage roll or vol-au-vent (see title of post).
embarrassing moments...there's always the worst kind of cringey shit happens at weddings, we love hearing about it, giveusit! once i shat myself whilst dancing (by myself) to Lady In Red, i was hammered and can barely remember - thank god.
i think you get the drift...NB for next time.

Spidey Clubs - more blogging gold. don't have time to get into this right now, but there's bound to be a good bit of material gleaned from this escapade.

Otherwise excellent work...I didn't know about the Euro bar before so can't wait to check it out with me mates some weekend, couple o' Donaghadee's and a bottle of Dennis Hooper's.

Pedant Police said...

For Dennis Hooper please read Dennis Hopper. cockney slang for poppers in case anyone gives a shit. also i should say that i totally made this up before someone says "you totally made that up".