Thursday, 12 April 2007

Glow in the dark pee!

Have you ever tried to go to the bathroom in the dark? Me neither, but now you have that option with the Johnny Glow Toilet Locater.

Basically, Johnny Glow is a glow-in-the-dark strip that’s designed to help guys hit their target without having to turn on lights in the middle of the night.

The product site claims that Johnny Glow makes “a great father’s day or birthday gift” - and nothing says I love you more than urine-related trinkets.


Laura said...

Nothing says I love you more than a really big expensive diamond ring, or a hot air balloon ride with a champagne breakfast, or a really sweet homemade card, or even a get out of jail free card for a night with Carmen Electra or George Clooney - you know whichever you'd prefer. And sometimes nothing says I love you more than a mix tape with all your favourite songs on it, or a brand new Ferrari, or perhaps even a nice chocolate cake with a heart drawn on it in fudege flavoured icing. Or maybe a handmade friendship bracelet, or maybe a new house????

But urine related gifts do not, repeat DO NOT ever say I Love You.

Thank you.

gohir said...

Well thats cause you is not a bloke!

Golden Streams of my Love said...

this is genius actually. it looks cool and unlike most stuff that looks cool it has a practical purpose. even better would be the Knight Rider version (Night Pisher anyone?) which has a left-to-right sliding flasher which does exactly the same job except you can entertain notions of being Michael Knight and you are having a slash on your super-smartarse talking motor. that's specialist fetish gear, that is.