Friday, 20 April 2007

My new computer

Well I'm getting a bit lax at blogging these days what with work getting busy and not having a computer at home!

Well that is all going to change! Ta Da Daa Ta Daaaaaa! I have went out and bought me an Apple Mac book! Woohoo!

I don't have the internet yet, that's gonna arrive on Thursday and then i will be all interwebnet ready!!!! And Blogging all through the night like a bulimic going through the fridge while her mum sleeps upstairs!

I gotta brand new computer ta da da da ta!


steve jobs said...

that's exciting, you'll be the first person in antrim town to have one of them there internets. i wish you good health to use it sir! also, if i may offer some advice - treat the internet with caution. yes, it is a world of possibility, but it is also a world of catastrophe. i can be a decanter of glory or a posioned chalice. or a furry cup depeding on what sites you visit.
beware the dreaded for it is of evil and will suck your pounds away like a Remmington Fuzzaway.
beware too of transsexual hardcore pornography - not for the weak-hearted my friend.
do however, if i may be so bold as to plug my own site, visit, a true sparkling diamond of a website hidden in a rough shough of depravity.

Laura said...

remington fuzzaways - required for drinkers from the furry cup one might imagine?

i am sure gohir will not stray too far into the depravity and darkness that lurks in the internet - sure isn't he a good boy? alright there is a slight obsession with japan and women's boobs, but i wouldn't imagine unhealthily so?

(it's friday - am feeling benevolent, therefore it's not a GET GOHIR day, but rather a BE NICE TO GOHIR day).

Yoko Hiroshima said...

two birds, one cyberstone - - thanks for reminding me Laura.

actually how are you laura, how is your weekend shaping up, wanna play frisbee?

Laura said...

not bad at all, thank you for asking yoko.

not fussed on the frisbee playing, though if you really want to we can, as i'm being so nice and accommodating today. would rather go play on the seesaw though???