Tuesday, 3 April 2007

40 Mistakes men make while having sex with women!

Come on Gentlemen, these are the mistakes we make with our ladies!

Treat them like the Princesses they are!


John Inmann's Lonely Boyfriend said...

if you incorporate these last two posts your life will be much better, you follow? i'll explain: lots of good sex = free and painless exercise FOR YOU. now i'm not offering up good sex for you, you'll have to find that for yourself, but think of me as a guide to good-living. think of me as some annoying cunt on a channel 5 program patronisingly explaining how good Red Hot Fucking is for vasco-cardialthingy and then giving you a SEX LIFE make-over.
seriously get out of the gym and into the bedroom, NOT MINE THOUGH.

Rosa said...

Too right... come on guys... it's not differcult, sort it out!
To save yourself embarresment, get a girl who is a good friend to teach you a thing or two!
Again Gohir... that is not an offer!

Gohir said...

The though of having sex with you Rosa makes me feel like i have to vomit and then pour Demestos in my eyes!