Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Robots in Disguise!

I'm a big fan of Japan in all it's glory as the most bizarre country in the world!

Laws in Osaka prohibit humans from engaging in many immoral activities, including the recruitment of new customers into sex clubs. So Fear not, robots have come to rescue.
Sex clubs in Japan are now employing robots to recruit new punters from the street. The robots wear high school uniforms and act as ‘adult information centers’.

The robo-touts, which used to direct traffic in construction sites have “underwent a 500,000 yen ($4,000) upgrade for its new job, which is to attract the attention of passersby by periodically raising and lowering a banner that reads “Ask me!””

I'll miss the old touts wearing their mac's and trying to drag you in!

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Si said...

Darn! That could have been the perfect job for you!