Monday, 23 April 2007

My weekend.

I had a decent enough weekend, On Friday i was out with my old friends from radio and Simon, we were in the Stiff kitten bar which was decent enough until they gave us free finger food which made them brilliant because:
A) It was free
B) I was starvin!

Then about one we went into the Stiff Kitten club which was playing delightful dance tunes to which i was goin rave crazy and dancin around like a crazy loon bastard on speed! It was a unexpectedly good night!

On Sat i just chilled and the met my mate Kirk who is over from Canada and Sunday i minced around cause it was raining outside


philip mccourt said...

the thought of you going 'rave crazy' to sexydiscotechnomuzak fills me with dread. this dread is swiftly followed by a wave of relief that i wasn't on said dancefloor. swifly followed by a tsunami of nausea that the world can be such a screwed-up place which allows men from antrim to populate a city dance venue.
was it that 'doof-doof' music. i hate that, s'not real music is it? Mark knoffler - he's real. i also like elton and rick astley. and captian birdseye, who gives a shit if he hasn't had a top 40 hit, he would have made a great rock star. think about it.

Laura said...

do you mean the original captain birdseye, philip? the one with the beard and the nice smily father christmas look?

or the sexed up foxy version of captain birdseye of 2005 with the crazy special effects and the cheeky smile?

cos i know which one i'd fight my way to the front of the arena to scream at - oh yes!

Pete Waterman said...

what!!?? a sexy Birdseye!!?? what fresh hell is this? the good cap'n is NOT sexy. You shouldn't even try to make fish-fucking-fingers sexy, that's not the point of them. Cream is sexy and should be marketed as such. ditto chocolate. even jacobs fig rolls could be considered to sexy to some weirdos from ballymoney...BUT NOT FISH FINGERS. no need. don't do it. this is a shock laura, a real hammer-blow. it sounds like you approve of this, how can you turn your back on a tv commercial institution, you should be forced to walk the plank.
but what would he sing laura?? how will we launch this pop career? some thoughts:

Rock the Boat - shite wedding reception staple, certainly could use a revamp and Birdseye may be just the man to do it.

Yellow Submarine - capt wasn't on a sub, but i think we can take liberties with this, the pop charts don't care.

maybe a duet with that other 80's icon Captain Sensible?

Laura said...

We are sailing by Rod Stewart?

always a favourite with ladies of a certain age - and let's face it, with that beard he's in the right market....

captain pugwash said...

calm down laura...he's old enough to have molested you as a youngster.