Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Fitness regime.

I am so sore today! It's unbelievable!

Now before you think i was having a hard core S&M session last night, i was not!...... I have finally started going to the gym and boy do i feel sore!
My legs are sore, my arms are sore, my neck is sore, sore all over! After the gym i got home and was shivering from all the exercise! But I'm feeling a bit better today just my legs are sore now.

It's a lot of sore! But i will persevere!


Rosalita said...

Wow! What gym? You should come to my yoga class!

Gohir said...

Rosa, I is gonna beat you up!

Rosa said...

Well go and do some more weights and then attempt it... loser!