Monday, 16 April 2007


This is Knutt the polar bear!

He's lovely and cute and when he grows up he could rip your arms off and eat you!


Laura said...

Here is some stuff I know about polar bears -

Polar bears are the largest bears in the world. The polar bear is so strong it can kill an animal with one blow to the head. A female polar bear gives birth every third year.

I also know that they like to eat seals and fish and berries and plants. I do not know of any other polar bears called Knutt though - good find Gohir Manzoor.

gohir said...

It will eat you!

gary watson said...

shite find Gohir - every major news channel in the world covered this story 3 weeks ago and then it was only cause it was a slow news day. I'm pissed off about this, who gives a fuck? i don't think people that read your blog give a fuck about Kunt The Bear. seriously any more of these stillborn blogs and i'm gonna kick the fuck outta you. seriously.