Tuesday, 17 April 2007


I have put my phone on silent now for the past three months and i feel so much better for it!

Subconsciously i was always waiting for the phone to ring and it started to make me anxious, you had to speak to the person who rang because the phone is ringing, so i decided to turn the bugger on to silent and i feel a weight lifted off my shoulders.
Even when the phone now vibrates i can see who it is and decide to answer it or not without drawing any attention!

Best thing in the world is to put your phone on silent and you don't have to listen to daft ring tones!


Artichoke Heart said...

so basically you are admitting publicly, to all your mates who read this, that whenever they think that you must be away from your phone you are actually SNUBBING them? how do you decide who to answer eh? do you have a list of people who you'll always pick-up ranked all the way down to the poor ol' z-listers who you'll only speak to if you're at a loose end??
on a silence tip though, can i resurrect the old Name That Tune Based Upon Something As Arbitrary As What Gohir Decides To Title His Blog Chapters? thanks, here goes:

Sound of Silence
Silent Night
er, Silence of the Lambs (OST)

Laura said...

Cannot think of any other songs with Silent/Silence in them - but think this one applies to anything to do with Gohir -

"Dude Looks Like a Lady" - Aerosmith

Rosa said...

Silent Sigh - Badly Drawn Boy

Ha ha Gohir you are getting ragged on by everyone today! Loser!