Monday, 23 April 2007

I love anything that Glow's in the dark! and doesn't get much better than this!

Playtex has released a line of glow in the dark lingerie to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Moonwalk Charity.
The Moonwalk Charity was born from Nina Barough’s vision. 10 years ago, Nina and 12 of her friends power walked the New York Marathon in their bras to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. Since the first walk, the charity has raised nearly £27 million. To further build on this concept, the Playtex Moonlit Marathon takes the concept to a new level. Roughly 15,000 walkers now charge through the street in decorated bras.


Captain Punctuation said...

Please note that "glow's" should not have an apostrophe in it.

An apostrophe is used where a letter is missing, and in this case, to require an apostrophe, you would have been meaning "glow is" which is clearly not the case.

Thank you,

Captain Punctuation (married to Navy Brigadier Grammar)

Rosa said...

I'd like one of those, have you not put a link to a site where these delights can be purchased? Please ammend!

Gohir said...

I'll amend you Rosa!

samuel johnston said...

Re: Capt Punctuation's Pedantic Arseholism

This ain't university challenge mate...jesus, this is The Gohir Way of Life - it ain't about da spellin, its about the feelin innit. welcome aboard the good ship captain, i'm sure you'll be an asset to the crew...less of the shite though, you should ease yourself in gently to a blog, i don't think you;re gonna win many friends here with that attiude. and yes i do know that i'm neglecting capital letters and i used a semi-colon where an apostrophe should have been in the previous sentence. we're gonna have a lot of fun me and you...oh yes.

captain punctuation said...

samuel - you are a fuckbadger. end. of.

Gordon Ramsey said...

is that gary having blog posting conversations with himself again?

maybe he should turn his attention to developing and stop wasting time pissing about with pseudonyms on the gohir way of life???

Simon Miller's Guilty Conscience said...

simon miller is a DEAD man, he's fucked. i have a mole in every hole miller, think you can hoodwink me. think on tartan boy. and don't think about running away and hiding in Dallas. if kennedy can die in Dallas you fucking can. nowhere, NOWHERE is safe apologise now and we'll forget this whole blogging mess.
i was wanting to comment on the glow in the dark breasts, but you have distracted me. make things right simon, if not for me then for your buddy G, c'mon son you know it makes sense.

Captain Punctuation said...

Just remember I will be everywhere and anywhere I am required - fighting to save the world from the improper use of punctuation!

And I didn't write the second comment shown above. Imposter be gone!