Wednesday, 4 April 2007

My day.

Hello and good day to you!

So today I'm still a bit sore from exercise as it's an alien thing to me, but it's getting better.

Today at lunch i ventured out of Holywood to the big cheese that is Belfast, to do a bit of banking and also because it's sunny I knew the talent would be out on display!... Oh yes Belfast talent, it only ventures out on sunny days and for the rest year they hibernate!
Believe me, it's true, go into Belfast on a sunny day and there is a lot more talent out to play, try Botanic? full of talent! any other day and the town is full of Sea Donkeys who need to be taken back to Sea world!

I only saw one fit bird in Holywood today, but she was of a good quality of talent so it has made up for a lot of crap that floats around Holywood.

Oh and i also saw some random woman walking down Holywood High Street juggling!

The bird in the pic was spotted in Botanic Gardens........maybe.......someday.........hopefully!


God said...

unbelieveable! it used to be on your way to work you'd see a sheep and spend hours pondering the significance of such a freak and ominous occurence. now you see someone juggling and you shrug it off a bit o craic. YOU FUCKING FOOL. ah man, don't you KNOW can't you read the signs...all the other supposed omens where red herrings, but jugglings is the big kahuna, it's positively dripping with significance. as a man plugged into the spiritual world i'm suprised you missed this but for the benefit of you and your loyal readers let me enlighten you and lighten your load.
Juggling is balance, symbolic of balancing the many aspects of life which is essential for both earthly and spirtual success. YOU gohir (or Rosa if you're reading this. although you didn't see a juggler this morning so it may just apply to gohir at this stage) must find a balance. i can't say much more, i cannot be your ballast, your rock, your leveller, your pivot, your balance - it is within you sir, find it.

Lauta said...

oh my god how much did i miss random gary posts last week?

Laura said...

I can't spell my own name - read Lauta as Laura please!

gary's broken heart said...

and i've missed you, ya wee minxette! how've you been? i was cyber-stalking you today on Bebo. i didn't realise you had such shite taste in music. that was a let-down to be honest. a small part of me had built you up to be the Perfect Woman and i thought we'd be great together. let's face it, we share a sense of humour, we both love(d) neighbours, both hate Gohir...and now i read that you like "take that, chart music" and then most hilariously of all "anything listenable". wtf? laura you blew it darling, we coulda been a team, we coulda lived the you have killed a part of me laura, the part that respected you.

Laura said...


You are right. My taste in music is indeed deeply questionable. Always has been since the good old days of NKOTB and Bros. It's never going to change though, and nor should it - but yes, maybe it's embarrassing....

Then again so's my dress sense, choice of men and favourite films...I let on its all about subtitles and deep thinking, it's not. It's all about space, car chases and loads of people getting shot, but never actually dying - just like A Team.

PS - you've also totally weirded me out. I have never never never cyber stalked anyone (well not much anyway, and well you know when you're not allowed by law to go within 100 feet of someone you have to find someway of keeping up to date on what they're doing right?)