Friday, 16 March 2007


I'm sorry i haven't blogged in ages! but i have been so busy in work i haven't had a chance!

I'm still really busy and i feel guilty for not posting anything so i'm leaving u with this pic of a urinal from Laura and a link to some midgets from simon


Rosa said...

That is the best urinal ever! Sometimes seeing urinals as great as that makes me wish that girls could use urinals too.

Laura said...

Gohir, Please make it clear that I don't spend most of day surfing the net looking for pictures of toilets. This is only my part-time hobby, most of the time I'm on the Take That website. Thanks x

PS - My favourite urinal is the one with Saddam Hussein's face. This may not be completely PC what with him being, you know, executed and all, but it made me smile...was the person who commissioned said urinal a big fan or an anti-Hussein-er? We might never know....