Monday, 5 March 2007

Relaxing weekend.


Well the weekend was a relaxing one, I got my haircut on sat morning (not as navy seal like Gary) and then met Simon for a nice lunch at Starbuck's on Lisburn rd, after lunch we walked Barnams and got an Ice-cream then to Marks & Spencer Simply food store where Simon got some groceries, We then drove to Curry's so Simon could look at washing machines and Asda Living which has a new store in Yorkgate it has no food only housey type stuff.

On Sunday i just chilled! So a nice weekend, no going out as I'm broke and trying a new direction in life which means less partying and more contemplation!

Also i feel i should get paid for all the product placement on my blog! If a rapper talks about Bentley or Gucci usually they get some free stuff, the least i should get is a Pizza vending machine!

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