Monday, 12 March 2007

Discovery Campus.

Hope you all had a productive weekend like i did!

For anyone who does not know i work in the media (well try to any way) and this weekend i was at the Discovery Campus workshop which was held at BBC Blackstaff studios.

As good old TV turns more and more into a diverse interactive media playground, the non-fiction genre is doing likewise. It is sometimes hard to keep track of all the shapes and sizes that stories from the real world can come in today. A vibrant factual broadcasting market has emerged beyond the traditional alliance between factual filmmakers and public broadcasters.

During the symposium, we examined the relationship between news and documentaries. A large number of compelling, disturbing and provocative documentaries were shown

In case studies and panel discussions, leading international experts and filmmakers divulged their secrets and discussed their creative decisions. We got to ask filmmakers about their motivations and choices.

We also investigated contemporary political drama based on factual research ? so-called ?docu-drama?. There is a growing demand for provocative drama which brings to life subjects which are sometimes beyond the reach of traditional documentary techniques. Finally we looked at the growing difficulties in attracting younger audiences to both current affairs and documentary. And we ask whether the success of comedic factually based documentaries ? like Super Size Me, Mischief, The Yes Men, and Michael Moore?s films offer a way forward.

We had some great speakers like:
David Aukin Managing Director, Daybreak Andy Bichlbaum Filmmaker, , New York, USA
Michael Christoffersen Director/Producer, Team Productions, Copenhagen, Denmark
Hans Robert Eisenhauer Head of Thema, ZDF/ARTE, Mainz, Germany
Eamon Hardy Head of Independent Commissioning (CA), BBC, London, United Kingdom
Alan Hayling Editorial Director, Renegade Pictures UK, London, United Kingdom
Richard Klein Commissioning Editor, Documentaries, BBC, London, United Kingdom
Sean Langan Documentary Filmmaker, , London, United Kingdom
Angus Macqueen Head of Documentaries, Channel 4, London, United Kingdom
Stephen Segaller Director of News and Public Affairs Programming, Thirteen/WNET, New York, USA
Paul Watson Documentary Filmmaker, , Tonbridge, Kent, United Kingdom
Diane Weyermann Executive Vice President, Documentary Division, Participant Productions, Beverly Hills, USA

This is me giving my speech about my Blog to the audience.


Pete said...

I accompanied G for the Discovery weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. The best bit was watching Gohir networking his ass off! It truly was a sight to behold!
There's not a filmmaker in Europe that doesn't know Urban Junkie Productions.

Anna Carragher said...

Gohir, that reads like a well rendered media fart. Have you been main-lining pseudo-intellectual media nonsense?

Si said...

Why did the esteemed panel get up and leave when you were talking about your blog?!!!!

Gohir said...

Because they wanted to leave so i get full credit for my Blog.

Laura said...

Are you sure it wasn't so they could go and check it out immidiately and get get reading through your archive and posting comments relating to the fascinating topics which are everyday discussed at

Are you sure???