Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Gary's Journey.

Gary is now back in the building by the way, He has done his work and is commenting! He only ever does one day's work a week. Please feel free to comment back to him.

That's him over there.

I forgot to mention that on my way to work today i saw 3 men in a digger, a front bumper and punctured tyre!


'Little' Lord Fontleroy said...

3 men in a digger? sounds like one of your, er 'favourite' adult movies.

Gohir said...

"That's chicks with dicks with dogs" Gary

Laura said...

A while ago Gohir you suggested that if anyone had anything they would like included on your blog they should let you know. Now twice I have done this and not once has it appeared on your blog. Oh no, instead we have to read about where Gary has gone (am actually totally fascinated), what filthy movies you like (we all know it's really gay porn that you love) and all the omens of the day - which are just a BLOODY COINCIDENCE NOT AN INDICATION THAT THE WORLD IS ENDING! (although if it does, please note that I would like that last bit retracted in an apologetic style)

Anyway, think this is worth a mention...so perhaps you would like to comment on the posting of my comment on something which is not to do with chicks, dicks, or dogs.

Little Britain's Lou and Andy will be appearing in Neighbours. You may know the characters Toadie, Steph and Pepper and the location of the Scarlet Bar, but if you don't, the news will mean little to you.

It means much to me though. It's bringing together 2 of the great loves of my life - David Walliams and Toadfish Rebecchi. Love that Jared!

Ms Mangel said...

laura, i hope you take this the right way - you have a great set of balls! the way you lay into Gohir is fucking textbook, i love it, i really love the cut of your jib.
anyway, yeah read about that Neighbours thing, i think that's ace. is that the first time that fictional characters have invaded Neighbours? or any soap for that matter...it's really upping the ante, i thought they'd peaked with Chris Lowe form the pet shop boys back in...'91. '92 was it, but Lou n Andy is inspired! I watched Neighbours religiously from about 1990 to 2002, then I had to get a real job which was a shame.
i think the reason i loved it was the surreal quality which always managed to filter into it. who remembers the complete troutfish mental surreal "Bouncers Dream' episode. If you missed this, you really didn't UNDERSTAND the 1990's, basically it was a TV touchstone for me and I feel the nation as a whole. Christ, it was good!
...I thought I'd seen the last of the crazies and now THIS! anyway, my other fav Neighbours moments (in no particular order)

- harold's return. simple stunning in scope and cunning. second only to the absolutely jaw-dropping ridiculousness of bobby ewing DREAMING a whole series of Dallas.

- Susan Kennedy and the 'will they, won't they' storyline. In summary, teacher Susan (45) goes on holiday with a pupil (16) and the sexual tension is palpable. It seemed like everybody wanted them to get at it. i certainly did, Susan was hot and I myself was about yer man's age.

- 'Child in fridge'. some idiot kid gets locked in a refridgerator. memorable only because some idiot kid in england really did get locked in a fridge and they had to pull the episode. good ol' bbc.

- Lou's downfall. Hilarious tragedy of remedial shakespearian proportions. within about 6 weeks lou finds out that his dead wife had an affair behind his back, their child wasn't actually his, the child wasn't taken away by the real dad, lou did his back in and subsequently became a prescription pill junkie. fuckin' GOLD!

Laura said...

I have to admit Mrs mangle, that I too watched Neighbours religiously during those years - One of my personal favourite storylines was Kerry being shot by duck hunters whilst out protesting against, guess what? That's right Duck hunters!

I've been really lucky over the last few months though, I've been able to get home in time to watch Neighbours and can I just tell you that the storylinies these days are really hitting Oscar style standards. We've got a one legged Paul Robinson, Kerry's daughter Sky, remember when she was a toddler and stood on a piece of glass promopting Kerry to admit to Madge that she should start wearing shoes? Well she's just had a baby and she's called it Kerry! Lou has a Russian girlfiend who isn't allowed into the country so he's going to become an air steward in order to see her more often. Steph's husband Max has gone mad and gone missing and Toadie's cousin Stingray has a drink problem which consists of drinking 3 whole beers of an evening. I tell you Mrs Mangel, that show deserves more recognition that it gets.

And by the way, I really think this blog has turned into a true community in which we should have a part and if Gohir continues to respond to the needs and desires of his readers as he has done today it can only get better.

Keep watching and remember That's when good neighbours can become good friends

malcolm kennedy said...

paul robbo has only one leg now!!! when did this happen, that's awful. never liked that piece of shit, but he doesn't deserve that. or does he? this is making me dead nostalgic...i suppose i could get back into it again, do they show it in any pubs at lunchtime?