Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Chaat Masala

So last night i went to the Waterfront Hall in Belfast to watch Chaat Masala, a sort of community play about a young Indian lad called Vir coming to Belfast to work in his uncles indian video shop, It show the trials and tribulation about him trying to fit in with the locals and also the already established indian locals,it has the usual stereotypes, it was performed by 30 community performers from across India, Sri Lanka, China, Ghana...and Belfast,

Now it was not too bad, it's what you would expect from community theatre the cast were all young and inexperienced but they did try their best and that's all you can expect, but what i did like was the fact it was a play about asian folk which as you know only get bantered about if it's a racism story or at the local kebab shop. So i say well done for doing something totally different and showing that Norn Ireland is becoming more multicultural and we should embrace it!

If anyone would like to embrace me, leave me a comment with your statistics! (but not you Gary!)


Laura said...

I'm not going to offer to embrace you, but my friend Claudia says she'd love to. She's 5'10", 36:25:34 and has blonde curly hair and loads and loads of money. Will she do?

Oh, no, sorry she actually said she wouldn't embrace you if paid 10 squillion pounds..... x

Gohir said...

I hate you Laura! You dashed my hopes in one go!